Investment Philosophy & Strategy

Our Core Philosophy

Adopting a resilient approach and maintaining discipline are key to achieving successful investment outcomes. Our Core Philosophy draws from historical wisdom to develop investment strategies for the modern world.
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Our Approach to Equities

Explore our investment approach where we leverage collective market wisdom to outperform traditional benchmarks. Our strategy seeks to exploit the behavioral shortcomings of market participants by orienting our portfolios towards high-quality, undervalued stocks with positive price momentum.
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Market Forecasts:
Separating Fact from Fiction

We critically examine the accuracy of market forecasters, revealing a significant deviation between their predictions and reality, especially during crucial economic downturns. We highlight the tendency of forecasters to rely on extrapolating past trends rather than offering new insights, questioning their reliability and the lack of accountability in the field.
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Our Assessment of Private Equity and Private Credit

The landscape for private investments is rapidly changing. While not entirely discounting the value of private investments, we aim to express our concerns about certain aspects, namely: 1) the opaque and stale valuations of private holdings; 2) the rise of secondary or “continuation” funds, which seem to prioritize the interests of private equity firms over those of their clients; and 3) private credit funds lending to companies owned by private equity.
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